Monday, January 30, 2012


Week 3

Week 4

Catchin' up!

Here are a few of the digi layouts for my P2P photo a day challenge.

Week 2

I'm going to try a new approach!

Sunrise at our house!
Since my craft room is still not quite finished, I have been on a hiatus from crafting.  Yes, it is driving me crazy, but I know that it will all be worth it.  I think I will try to post my daily photos here.  I also have a few digital layouts from my picture a day challenge I need to post.  Bear with me, as things start to settle down.

The geese came way up on the point yesterday.  Guess they are feeling more and more comfortable here.  We have a pair that often overnight, but most of them fly to another spot to sleep.  They usually come back the next day.  I love to watch them land and take off-very cool.

Of course, our Spencer does not like them coming in his yard.  They can stay in the pond and he is fine with that, but they can not get in his yard.  So funny!

And Buddy-well, Buddy chases everything-including us, usually with a pinecone in his mouth! 

Wonder what my photo will be for today? These were all from Sun., Jan. 29.