Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day off!

Just got a new job for a couple of months on Sunday afternoons!  I will be demonstrating the Provo Craft Cricut Cake at Michaels in Lake Charles!  I got the machine yesterday and I'll be practicing with it for a few days.  If you are down in LC on a Sunday afternoon, drop by and give me some moral support!  Or better yet, buy a Cricut product-LOL!  I'm very excited about this, but if you really think about it, I'm just doing what I always do in a new way-teaching!!! 

Most people that know me know that my neice Ellen got married last weekend.  She was a beautiful bride and the wedding was absolutely perfect.  Jesse Reich and his wife, Natalie, took the wedding photos and they are priceless.  Catherine Guidry took Ellen's bridal and engagement photos and they are just stunning.  Both of these young photographers are gifted and creative artists.  You can check out their sites at the links below.  Jesse is in Tulsa, OK and Catherine is in Baton Rouge, LA-check them out!