Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My new space!

I thought I would share a little of what I am in the middle of right now.  My dad died in January of 2009 and we sold his home this summer.  So my brother and I had to go through the task of dividing all the personal property of our parents and putting it in two different storage facilities in two different towns.  We had to move furniture out of a 2800 sq. ft. home in Spring, TX to LA.  I won't go into the details, but let me say that it has been quite the long, drawn out saga! 

In addition to  this, my dear mother in law has Altzheimers and the family had to put her in a nursing home this past spring.  Their family home is on about 8 1/2 acres of which 5 acres is a pond.  We will be moving into this home sometime this month.  Yes, horrible timing with the holidays, but my dad's house selling delayed the move a bit and then, well things just don't move fast do they?

There are two buildings on the property besides the house.  One is a one bedroom apartment (the Honeymoon Cottage since several of the newlywed couples moved in for a while after they married-including us) and a 12x24 old radio transmission shack.  I am making that shack my new crafting cottage.

My dear husband and sweet brother in law have been working hard to turn this old building into a craft room delux for me.  They tore everything down to the studs and are rebuilding from there.  Needless to say, I am very excited!  This past weekend, we brought in some experts and a ton of progress was made.  My DH and BIL worked with them and so much was accomplished.  I will try to keep you posted with photos, but here are a few that show what has been done so far.  Excuse the photo quality-they were mostly taken with a phone.

The back

One side with out exterior wall-during demo.
 Inside view-very little insulation
 The visitor-chicken snake-that was kept a secret from me until someone finally spilled the beans.
 From the front door.

I'll show more demo tomorrow and then move on to the progress.