Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cricut Army Demo

Well, the initial demo dates are done, but Provo Craft has signed on for the next quarter.  I think I'll be at the same store but who knows?!  They may add additional stores in the area, so I may be working there.  All my jobs seem like play, don't they?  Teaching PE to K and first grade students and playing with Cricut machines. They say you need to love your job, and I really do.  I don't always love some of the things that go along with it, but I love the kids and I love to craft.  Now, if I can just use the next two weeks to get things done around my home, I'll be happy.  Here are some pictures of my demo time.  Hope you enjoy them.
These are cuts from the Cricut Cake cartridges.

My Memorial Day display.

Graduation 2010