Friday, November 11, 2011

We begin our move today!

I am one part excited and one part dreading the move.  Always fun to get a new home and start making it your own.  Always exhausting and soooo tiring on an ever aging body!

We are moving into my husband's family home.  His mom had Altzheimers and is in a nursing home.  Fortunately, she is happy to be there and is happy we are moving in.  The home place has a beautiful setting and unique style that I think I will love (except for snakes-I hate snakes).  You have seen some of the renovations on the scrap shack or creative cottage-not sure of the name yet.  Well, the interior of the home is 1970s chic-what were they thinking with all that harvest gold, dark brown and avacado green?  Yuk!  I have had to remodel 3, yes 3 homes from harvest gold fixtures and now I have that brown to deal with.  Soooo dreary!  But I have learned not to jump on every new fad that comes out.  Nothing can go wrong with white, black and maybe stainless, although stainless=polishing!

The photo above is of the home and here are a couple of photos of the view.  Lots of yard work to do, but it is beautiful!