Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend in the Rayne Forest!

Well, looks like I've taken the summer off!  It really wasn't intentional, just circumstances intervened.  Selling a home long distance and trying to get it worked on by strangers (who turned out to be great) so that it could pass an FHA inspections ate up a lot of my summer.  In fact, I feel like I didn't have much of one at all!  I was lucky enough to be able to go to a four day crop sponsored by Treasured Memories of Lafayette, LA.  I went with two great friends and we had a ball.  This crop is held every year in Rayne, LA, the frog capital of the world.  TM moves their whole store to the site so we can have everything available to us.  They dream up the most fantastic classes for us to take and we learn so much.  I hope to go every year.  This year, the theme was Hollywood and next year it will be tropical/Hawaii.  They call it the crop at the Rayne Forest.  Here are a few photos from the classes.
These were from the fabulous metal class by Connie.

From the Orleans Ornamental Iron Class again by Connie.
                  From the Outdoor Elegance Reverse Canvas Class by Paula.

                          From the Starstruck Class by the Kitz Girlz (Janet and Wendy). 
Still have a bit to add to this one and photos on some of the others.  I'll post the rest tomorrow.

By the way, it is our 36th anniversary today!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun!!  Love you Ralph!